At present, Steven Pordy oversees operations at Pordy & Co. CPA, the firm he established in White Plains, New York. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, he provides clients with a range of financial services to help them minimize liabilities, maximize deductions, and maintain and grow their wealth.

At his firm, Steven Pordy offers tax management services that showcase his astute understanding of tax law and his experience in virtually every aspect of preparation and planning, serving companies and individuals alike. He is well versed in providing accounting assistance to both established businesses and start-ups. Beyond bookkeeping and ledger preparation, he helps companies with budgeting and cash flow predictions, benefit plans, payroll, and system implementation. In addition, Steven Pordy offers assistance in litigation matters and prepares detailed reports that advise management on ways to boost profitability.

In other corporate-level services, Steven Pordy possesses familiarity with business valuation, which encompasses an increasingly complex combination of factors. He also performs due diligence when the sale of a business is on the line, or when decision makers are considering a merger or acquisition. For those businesses just getting started, he helps principals choose the type of entity best suited for their industry and future growth. In addition, he extends advice on restructuring at a later date if such a move proves advantageous. Other services available through Steven Pordy’s firm include assistance with audits, international tax matters, and estate planning.

Steven Pordy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University and a Master of Business Administration from Hofstra University, where he authored a thesis that examined price-level accounting.This is an example of a page. Unlike posts, which are displayed on your blog’s front page in the order they’re published, pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your About or Contact information. Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page.